Alisa Inglett, Bordello, Postcard Image


Experiential Comparison

Alisa Inglett

Recreating a potential glimpse into the past with an experiential art show.

Making time for an annual road trip for the past 4 years, artist Alisa Inglett’s curious nature has led her to explore some unusual places.  One such place was the subject of her current show: ‘Bordello’.  This location of a well-organized, well documented and popular bordello was a shock to the artist while adventuring.  Once it was realized what she had stumbled upon, the internal detective came out and she had to discover more.

“Bordello” is a show that allows the viewer to imagine the past, see what is present and consider the impact it has on the future.  It speaks of a subculture that few consider, but has had a major influence in world history.  This show hosts original paintings of imagined scenes from the location, photography of its current state of decay and an installation depicting one of the girl’s rooms.

The installation of the room includes a wedding dress from one of the working girls.

Did she move to this town with the expectation of marriage?  Did the wedding happen and not end favorably? Was it the disappointment of an unfulfilled promise that led her to this way of livelihood?

The goal of the show is to give viewers a peek into the possibility of this particular bordello and the opportunity to compare the story created with their own.  Moved by the stories found within the documents of the bordello, Inglett hopes to this show provides a catalyst for a similar moving experience.


Opening Reception at TAC, 9 E Mathew B. Brady St, Tulsa, OK 74103

Friday, March 2nd, 2018, 6-9pm

 Duration of Show March 2nd – 31st , 2018