The Girl on the Wire – Askin Ercan

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“The girl on the wire”

Askin Ercan

April 6-28


Artist Statement

‘The girl on the wire’ focus on urban life, human and memory. I try to express the human who is lost and sometimes visible in urban life.

The territory of an individual, who is trying to have more of it by consuming is becoming increasingly narrow. The perception of “natural” of metropolitan cities is deteriorating. The primary issue is to be able to realize the invisible structure behind the reality and comprehend the essence. The perception of the person who gets away from nature is getting poorer and getting trapped in the metropolis. In an environment of increased consumption, people are getting away from political, social, and cultural realities. I describe how I sense the reality, which is different from the visible one.

One of the most important features of metropolitan cities is living side-by-side and upside-down in high-rise apartments. I describe these constructions as puncher of the sky. The windows and roofs remain as the only freedom zone of an individual. The figures in my paintings who watch from the windows to the outside are facing with the audience. There are two types of figures facing the audience. The first one is the insider who watches the outside (from window), and the second one is outsider (on the tree, roof and in the sky). Some of them are trying to get out of the picture as if they enlarged with a lens.

Each painting tells a story

The girl on the wire: The story of a balloon that seems to be wrapped around the tail of a fish but the truth is “passing by its”

The blue apple: The story of a man who is sitting in the yellow car and imagine all the figures of the painting

The lamps on the sky: The story of a fish which is blowing the cake candles

Close up: The story of talking houses

Linear time: The story of a flowerpot in which the clouds grow

From my windows to the outside: The story of a strawberry which is growing in a flowerpot

Reverse or straight: The story of the yellow balloon which is seen in the painting “The girl on wire” as a reflection over the sea.


The futuristic fruit: The story of a grape garden

Cherry heads: The story of a women who is watching her reflection on the water

The button roof: The story of a child who is calling his friend to play with together

The buildings and yellow: The story of a balloon which is over the red roof

Pyramid hat: The story of a child who watches playing kittens

Wind and voyage: The story of a pear over the tree


Askin Ercan  2017


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