Gray Days – Kyle Larson

TAC Show Poster Larson 11x17 RGB


Originally from Sacramento, California, Kyle Larson is currently the Director of Visual Arts and Assistant Professor of Art at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. He is also director of the NWOSU Artist-in-Residence Program. In 2012, he received an MFA in Painting from Boston University. After graduating, he lived and worked as an artist in Boston while teaching art courses in New Hampshire. Larson has exhibited his work in California, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and recently in Santiago, Chile.


About his work, Larson states:

Through painting and drawing I explore the temporal and transitory, and allow these factors to disrupt what presents itself as rigid and stagnant. I find the more I apply and take away from the surface, the more the work becomes about the loss or absence of things. Withstanding the cycles of construction and deconstruction, the essential remains. Forms become incomplete, fall apart, or represent something that used to be present.

A lot of the imagery in my work subverts itself — clouds don’t act the way clouds do, stones aren’t stone-like, and objects and forms dissipate and lose their function. What ends up staying after everything is gone, or when things no longer can hold their own mass? Sometimes it’s nothing but the wind. Sometimes it’s a table on some old floorboards with remnants of whatever was last placed on it. And sometimes it’s the monuments of, and to, our own undoing.


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