Then and Now


This exhibition celebrates four Tulsa artists: JP Morrison Lans, Cynthia Brown, Chris Wollard and Shane Brown.

All four exhibited at the Tulsa Artist Coalition (TAC) early in their careers and they continue to live and work in Tulsa. The exhibition will consist of work from those early shows—Then—and work they are currently doing—Now.

JP Morrison Lans is a pencil and installation artist who first exhibited at TAC in 2000 at the age of 16. JP has participated in exhibitions in the US and Australia. JP was one of the five artists who created The Experience currently on display at Tulsa’s ahha center.

Cynthia Brown has been part of the Tulsa art scene since the early nineties. Her first show at TAC was in 1993 One Woman, One Man with Walt Kosty. It was presented at the Dock, an early TAC venue which is now Guthrie Green. Cynthia is represented by MA Doran Gallery and is a Tulsa Artist Fellow.

Chris Wollard is a sculptor and art car artist. He exhibited Puzzling Paleontology at TAC in 2002. He is the creator of Arbor Lights in the Tulsa Arts District. He has also won numerous art car awards, most recently Best of Show for his Autonomous Dancing Disco Robot in Trinidad, CO. The Robot was also a Mutant Vehicle at this year’s Burning Man festival.

Shane Brown is a photographer and cinematographer. His show Sight Unseen was in 2003. He was director of photography for Sterlin Harjo’s film Mekko. Shane also contributes to Osiyo—Voices of the Cherokee People. His documentary photo projects include In the Territories, and Life Out There. He is currently making an experimental film based on the book of poetry, Document For An Anonymous Indian.

Then & Now also celebrates the mission of the TAC which is to support and provide an exhibition space for Tulsa artists. In existence since 1986 and at its current location at 9 E. MB Brady since 1996, the TAC continues to provide support and exhibition space for artists in the Tulsa region.