“Tribute to Hobo Nickels, A Folk Art Form from the Early 20th Century” – SteveOrino

February 1-23, 2019

OPENING RECEPTION, Friday, February 1, 2019

Steve (SteveOrino) Phelps is an award winning artist, painter, humorous illustrator, and cartoonist whose work has appeared in TV Guide, Good Housekeeping, Better Homes & Gardens, Ebony, the Saturday Evening Post, National Enquirer, Women’s World, and many others.

For his show at TAC, he will be displaying HOBO NICKELS — a folk art form from the depression era, when ‘hobos’ (transient unemployed) men would carve new faces on “Indian Head/Buffalo nickels” for meals and lodging.

Steve is a former Green Beret, present day Skydiving Instructor and psychotherapist, whose artwork portrays the warrior spirit, past & present. More of Steve’s artwork can be viewed on his website at www.steveorino.com