Multi-flavored Moments – Jini Kim

“Multi-flavored Moments”

Jini Kim

March 1 – 30, 2019

Artist Statement:

I create narrative paintings that illustrate what is happening around me. My work includes a consistent theme that visualizes aspects of feminism, my heritage, my interests, and being a Millennial.

Each of the characters in these paintings anthropomorphize my experiences with specific people I have encountered, such as past relationships, current relationships, friends, acquaintances, etc. I incorporate aspects of myself in certain ways, sometimes with direct self-portraits. I intertwine the characters with aspects of what is happening around me, such as the image of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park in Pulp Nonfiction. That was the year these actors quit their career on Hawaii Five-O for being paid less than their Caucasian coworkers. I make sense of my surroundings by creating a smorgasbord of my lucid thoughts into a confrontational, surreal image. I combine everything together with an aesthetic inspired by my own interests in music, television, and art.

I am currently working on narrative paintings and prints inspired by Polly Nor, Kristen Liu-Wong, and Anna Valdez. These artists add a strong narrative to their work that I want to add to my work. Polly Nor draws women and their inner demons. Kristen Liu-Wong’s saturated still-life and figure-group settings incorporate a sense of Orientalism in a modern, internet, sex-obsessed society. Anna Valdez’s still life paintings are quiet settings on a large scale canvas. I am inspired by these women and aim to show inclusion towards Millennial women.

Artist Bio:

Jini Kim is an artist from Tulsa, OK. She currently works as an art instructor at Oklahoma State University and Rogers State University. She received her BFA in Painting and Drawing at Oklahoma State and her MFA in Painting at the University of Tulsa and attended Graham Nickson’s Drawing Marathon at the New York Studio School. Her thesis work was exhibited at Oklahomans for Equality, or the LGBTQ community center, and her prints have been included at Lagom Like Minds Palm Trees and Powerlines show in Los Angeles, CA.