My Black Life

My Black Life

Black Moon Tulsa

July 5-27, 2019

“My Black Life” is a show featuring the artists of Black Moon Tulsa, a collective of African-American artists in the Tulsa area. The exhibition highlights what it means to be a person of color in America today. The collective of Black Moon artists have created pieces that cross-reference pop culture imagery around the quintessential American lifestyle. The works tie in the current social inequalities, disregard, and devaluation our society places on Black lives. Conversely, they also use symbolism and themes that coincide with the elevation of the importance of life and humanity transcending all races by also bringing importance and relevance to the Black life narrative.

*All pieces for this show are new and never before shown at any other gallery.


Black Moon Mission Statement

Black Moon Tulsa is a collective of Black artists who reside in the Tulsa area. Our mission is to break standards, push innovation, and cultivate creativity among our local and global community. We see art as a healing element: expanding minds and viewpoints while confronting conformity. Black Moon wants to be a channel that brings unity, awareness, and hope to the neglected parts of our community. It is our aspiration to make art accessible to all. We have come together to uplift one another, while pursuing the dream of becoming successful working artists.