Fish Tales – Lance Hunter

“Fish Tales”

Lance Hunter

August 2-31, 2019

Fish Tales
Fish tales are stories often characterized by embellishments and omissions. A personal struggle with culturally manufactured myths and the fragility of relationships inspired the creation of this evolving series. The passage of time, duality and facades are persistent themes in my work that frequently surface in this series.
My paintings are often layered with a juxtaposition of images that invite interpretation on a personal or universal level. My process with watercolor utilizes one of the oldest painting mediums known to humankind while embracing elements of modern technology. Perceptions of control emerging within the spontaneity and fluidity of watercolor embrace the nature of life itself.

Lance Hunter, MFA
Hunter has exhibited in museums or galleries in Europe and in NYC, Seattle, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Southern California. In recent years, he has received twenty-five awards in national or international watercolor exhibitions. His art has been featured in Watercolor Artist (cover), International Artist, Southwest Artist, American Art Collector magazines as well as in seven books. He is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society (NYC) and the National Watercolor Society (SoCal). Hunter is a professor of art at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma.