Crystal Boners – Slim Cook & Peggy Zaidle Rojas

Crystal Boners

Slim Cook & Peggy Zaidle Rojas

October 4-26, 2019

Women that use Meth place themselves at risk of developing serious mental issues that relate to emotional and sexual trauma due to how the drug specifically alters the neuroplasticity of the female brain. Methamphetamine use in Oklahoma has increased to epidemic levels. In response this exhibition will address gender specific issues as it relates to methamphetamine use among women. The female brain has shown greater amounts of structural alterations affecting gray matter deterioration in nueroimaging studies which impact mental flexibility and decision-making. These impairments make it more difficult to suppress habitual behaviors, pleasure seeking, pain avoidance and criminal activity.

Through Slim Cook’s “Box of Bitches” doll photography and therapeutic Collages that were made in a prison diversion program (Women in Recovery -Tulsa, Oklahoma) and rehab (Tiger Mountain-Henryetta, Oklahoma) that communicate the perceptions of a hopeful yet guarded woman in recovery. This exhibition attempts to elucidate the relationship between sexual behavior and methamphetamine brain alterations in women, exploring prostitution, sex trafficking, physical degeneration and the inevitability of incarceration or death.

Slim Cook Bio:

Slim Cook is a Sculptor whose work is displayed in galleries and private collections all over the world including  New York (Museum of Modern Art and Smithsonian), London and Tokyo. A native of Tulsa, Slim studied art at the University of Oklahoma and earned a Masters degree at Temple University’s prestigious Tyler School of Art. He regularly exhibits in New York and his heroic sculptures in metal and wood were praised for their attitude and insight by Helen Harrison of the New York Times. Examples of his large-scale public sculptures can be seen at the North Shore Public Library, the Riverhead Free Library, and the Sachem Library in New York. Slim has recently begun using Doll photography to explore issues of gender fluid sexuality and women’s issues in the criminal justice system.