What Legacy Had Wrought – Summer Zah

What Legacy Had Wrought

Summer Zah

February 7-29, 2020

Ms. Zah’s exhibition explores conceptual themes about family, culture, and institutional influences through varying artistic mediums.

Artist Statement:

My work, as a Native American woman, is a conceptual approach investigating familial, cultural, and institutional influences and their impact on the collective present. These pieces exude an honesty of native people that can, sometimes, be overshadowed by both subconscious and conscious profiling. In grasping the concept of humanity, I have chosen to embrace my ethnocentrism to show you that, as humans, we rhyme with each other regardless of nationality. I am too American to be Native, yet too Native to be American. Rather than fight this tension, I choose to be inspired by the situation that I have been dealt in this first world melting pot.