Bruce Goff: The Continuous Present Exhibit

October 1-23

Opening Reception: October 1, 2021, 6-9pm

Goff Center of the Continuous Present (GCCP) presents “Bruce Goff: The Continuous Present Exhibit”, a collection inspired curated to celebrate the life and work of Oklahoma’s unconventional architect, Bruce Goff, whose organic and eccentric designs include Tulsa’s Boston Avenue United Methodist Church, the Tulsa Club Hotel and Riverside Studio, better known as the Spotlight Theatre.

This exhibit precedes the upcoming Goff Fest, which launches its inaugural weekend November 4–7. Goff, who passed in 1982, lived a life charged with unabashed creativity while also being shrouded in controversy. Having grown up in Tulsa, his work in architecture began at the young age of twelve when he apprenticed for the architectural firm, Rush, Endacott and Rush. Goff’s philosophy embraced the individual, the mysterious and the “continuous present”–a term coined by Gertrude Stein that he often used to describe his design style where the past and present merge into a continuous stream without beginning nor ends.