OLD TOWN: Jeff Hogue, Mark Kuykendall, Cheyenne Butcher

January 3 – 25, 2014
Opening Reception Friday, Jan 3, 2014, 6 – 9 p.m.


Still from 16mm 50’s amateur family film of a Tulsa parade

The Tulsa Artists’ Coalition is pleased to present “Old Town: Jeff Hogue, Mark Kuykendall and Cheyenne Butcher.” The public will have the opportunity to meet this collaborative team at the opening reception on Friday January 3, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm. This exhibit remains up through Saturday, January 25th. The TAC Gallery is located at 9 East Brady, Tulsa. This event is free and open to the public and is part of the Brady Arts District’s First Friday Art Crawl.
Explaining the theme of this collaborative effort, Jeff Hogue states, “Old Town Treasured memories, often lost in the cracks of generations and change, are resurrected through the retrieval of a short family movie of a Tulsa holiday parade in the 1950s. All but lost in time, these 8mm films have been partially rescued from annihilation and brought back to life in this nostalgic show involving the collaboration of area artists, Jeff Hogue, Mark Kuykendall and Cheyenne Butcher. Through the lens of an unknown voyeur, this mysterious little film snippet captures fleeting subtleties of Tulsa’s cultural past. With a sense of vernacular photography, stills were taken by the artists from specific frames within the footage; then recreated through collaboration, producing new works in various media that pay homage to a romantic generation often idealized and nearly forgotten in our city’s history. Through this foggy lens, we peer back in our glimpse of the Old Town.”

Mark Daniel Kuykendall is an Oklahoman artist, musician, and producer. Kuykendall’s work is generally characterized by his production style of melding electronically manipulated field recordings with dusty attic 16mm films. Kuykendall’s hushed vignettes combined with his custom tweaked hands on approach and occasionally his crisp visuals create his unmistakable collage of soft tones. Both audibly and visually he works to employ a wide range of mediums and tools; while exercising his knowledge of photography as well as 8mm film restoration. His work focuses on capturing if not preserving the lost moments of forgotten family’s memorabilia.

Cheyenne Butcher is an image-maker, photographer, and educator. Butcher’s work is generally focused on themes including feminism, insecurity, and the relationship between time and place.

Jeff Hogue is a painter, writer, composer and filmmaker who has been working in various media and art related fields for thirty years. He has been represented by top Oklahoma gallery owners, Joseph Gierek and Joy Belt (JRB) as well as nationally known agents such as Richard Harris of Chicago, Illinois showing work through galleries and dealers throughout the US. He has been involved with a number of film projects and commercials as well as organizing a large scale, collaborative art events with groups of artists in Texas, New Mexico, Missouri and Oklahoma. Hogue currently resides in Bartlesville, OK.