Something Happened – Three Days in Tornado Season

SOMETHING HAPPENED-lrThe Tulsa Artists’ Coalition is pleased to present the theatrical performance/installation “Something Happened – Three Days in Tornado Season” by Michael Wright. The public will have the opportunity to participate in “Something Happened – Three Days in Tornado Season” beginning on Friday, May 30,  and continuing through Saturday and Sunday May 31 and June 1, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm. The TAC Gallery is located at 9 East M. B. Brady, Tulsa. This event is free and open to the public.

Michael Wright described this aesthetic experience as one “where experimental theatre intersects with the visual art world.  ‘Something Happened – Three Days in Tornado Season’ will consist of visual pieces and live performances, set within a group of screened-off areas in the gallery. Some of the screened areas will have a solo actor in them. The actor will provide information (or misinformation) to each participant on a one-to-one basis, thus generating a form of exceptionally intimate theatre. Each area will represent an aspect of the elements involved in a ‘story.’ People will work their way through the screened areas in random order, the concept being that the experience is one of gathering information on whatever it is the participant believed ‘happened’ over the three days in tornado season as a result of the completed round of visits. In effect, the installation will be the equivalent of a ‘mystery night’ event, with the crucial difference being that the ‘solution’ will be entirely random, based on the experience of each attendee and the performance they encounter.” Upon completing the round of visits, each attendee will be invited to inscribe their impressions of “What Happened” in a book; the impressions will be shared on the TAC Gallery website.