An Exhortation and a Revelation by John Bryant

Opening Reception August 1, 2014, 6 – –9 pm

The Tulsa Artists’ Coalition presents “An Exhortation and a Revelation by John Bryant”. Of his work, John Bryant states, “My artistic practice is driven by two intertwined desires. The first is the need to make things, the need to cut paper, carve wood, corrode copper, scribble, print, photograph. The second is to impulse to use the things I have crafted to communicate. If I could write like Thomas Pynchon or rant like Bill Hicks I might have explored writing or stand-up” He adds, “Art is a chance to get inside someone’s head, for an image I’ve made, or a situation I’ve created, to change someone, to persuade them to see things my way, to see or feel differently than they have before.”


Untitled, from the series called ‘an occult exhortation,’ an archival inkjet print.