Weaves of the Earth by Hillary Le

Opening Reception  September 5, 2014, 6p.m. – 9p.m.

Denim Waves by Hillary Li

Denim Waves

Hillary Le explains her theme as follows: “Painting for me is not only creating what I love and desire, but it also shows what I am afraid of losing. The series I have been working on this year is called “Weaves of the Earth” to show both the stress we put on our earth and ways that it can be left harmonious and clean.  Every natural element that comes from the earth is eventually recycled back into our planet whether it is harmful or safe.  These series of surreal paintings are illusions to bring awareness to protecting our land.”

Hillary Le graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2013. Being an artist since childhood, it is something that she knew she always wanted to pursue.  She has continued to express herself through her creativity in painting, drawing, photography, singing, and writing. Hillary is currently a student at Oral Roberts University where she still enjoys to paint and draw in her free time.