Lumens Artists

“Lumens” artists, from left front row, Andrew Harmon, Beth Downing Paul Timshel, Scott Bell. Back row from left, RC Morrison, Chris Wollard,
Grace Grothaus Grimm. Eric Fransen not pictured.

“Lumens” is a group show by eight Tulsa artists who work with light–  Scott Bell, Beth Downing, Eric Fransen, Grace Grothaus Grimm, Andrew Harmon, RC Morrison, Paul Timshel, and Chris Wollard.

This exhibition, first of its kind in Tulsa, promises to be a fascinating peek into new media art by local artists. These artists use light as an integral component of their work. Curator RC Morrison states, “These seven artists and myself use light in different ways and with varying technological inputs. I anticipate a show that delights both the eye and the intellect. The exploding availability of light emitting diodes (LED) has had a profound impact on art across the globe. “Lumens” will allow Tulsans to experience this phenomenon up close.”