Con-va-les-cence: ElQuan Okonjo

ElQuan Delanoe“Thrill Seeking”  20”X20,”Oil & Acrylic on Canvas



Con-va-les-cence: ElQuan Okonjo (a.k.a. Delanoe)


July 3-25, 2015

Opening Reception  July 3, 2015, 6p.m. – 9p.m.


In his artist statement, ElQuan says, “This body of work deals with my own coming to terms with the realities of having a mental illness. I found being myself was hard to accept. Making art has helped guide me through the difficult processes of transformation, of psychological healing, and of mental regeneration. In this way, the exhibit will give the viewers a look into my journey to self-realization and self-acceptance, as well as my journey through the fears and insecurities of being psychologically desolate.”  He continues, “ At the age of nineteen, after having two mental break downs and being diagnosed with PTSD, my view of the world was completely shifted. The ideals I had set in place were shattered by my own emotional suppression. Immersed in seclusion, I was better able to reflect on the traumatic childhood and teenage experiences, that lead up to my mental upheaval.”

ElQuan Okonjo is an Artist/Photographer born and raised in Tulsa, OK. While walking the streets with his camera, ElQuan channels his emotional intelligence and environmental sensitivity through the lens of his camera, in hopes of capturing people, places and things in their most realist of dimension. As an artist he creates charming works that consist of intense and dark emotional honesty. ElQuan is available for photographic commissions. He has exhibited work at Urban Roots in Oklahoma City as well as Arianna Jakub Gallery and Savage Art Gallery in Tulsa. He has also worked at Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity as an art assistant.

ElQuan Delanoe2“Neurotic Nights” 48”X24,” Mixed Media