Tulsa: Above & Below, paintings by Eric Mecum

Mecum Postcard


The Tulsa Artists’ Coalition presents “Tulsa: Above and Below by Eric Mecum” from September 4th through September 26th.through August 29th. The public will have an opportunity to meet the artist at the opening reception from 6pm to 9pm on September 4th. This exhibit runs through Saturday, September 26th.

This event is free and open to the public and is part of the Brady Arts District’s Friday Art Crawl.

In his artist statement, Eric Mecum says, “’Tulsa: Above & Below’ is two separate installations. Let’s start with the balloons. Why balloons? It all started in 2009 when I created a 52”x52” minimalistic blue painting with a tiny nondescript balloon and it had this energy, simplicity, the size, it was powerful for most people that looked at it. Balloon compositions are familiar to everyone, they create their own space and story, and the colors are strong, and they can be cheerful or melancholy, serious or whimsical. The wall of balloons idea was from personal curiosity. I wanted to assemble many paintings, salon style, as one large mass of imagery and then seeing if it would be overwhelming or have harmony?

The opposite wall, also hung in the salon style, are Tulsa locations, objects and people that I have connected with living here. See if you can figure out where the locations are. If you are new to art, or realism, or just a fan, I’d say take note at my use of cropping images, and the use of color. I believe that is where my skills shine.  Few years ago I asked a bunch of non-artist friends, ‘What’s the purpose of art?’ and a majority of them said it was to entertain us, so with that said, I hope my show entertains you. Enjoy.”

In his biography, Mecum says, “I grew up in California, went to high school in Colorado and I never attended college or art school. I am a self taught artist; I cut my artistic tooth from admiring the realists of the 1980’s. Cali to Chicago in 2003 and that year is when I opened my eyes and really perused art as a career. By 2013 I had found moderate success as an artist but wanted to switch gears and try and paint more and be around family, so I relocated to Tulsa. My first visit to Tulsa was back when the movie ‘Terminator’ was in the theaters. My stepmother’s family (her father was famed Tulsa Architect Cecil Stanfield) are from Tulsa. My painting technique is very traditional, painterly realism. Locally I have shown my work at several businesses, exhibits and festivals. Over the last decade my work has ended up in corporate and private collections and I have one painting in the Rockford Art Museum collection.”