In Tandem: Margee Aycock and Scott Aycock

In Tandem

Art and Poetry of Margee Aycock and Scott Aycock

November 6 – 28, 2015


Opening Reception: November 6, 6p.m. – 9p.m.

Poetry Reading: November 19 at 7p.m.


The public will have the opportunity to meet both artists at the opening reception on Friday November 6, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm. There will be a poetry reading on November 19 at 7p.m.


Scott Aycock describes the creative collaboration with his wife Margee Aycock which has resulted in this exhibit, “The project In Tandem mirrors our life as a couple in many ways.  We went about this process the way we often do, with Margee taking the lead, and Scott procrastinating. Eventually, after some prodding from her, I would kick into gear and get moving, taking the lead, while she, not coasting, did however, slow her efforts. As we progressed, Margee asked if I had any ideas for a name for our project. I thought about our way of working together, and realized we were like a couple riding a bicycle built for two—“In Tandem.”


The original plan for our collaboration involved Margee, the visual artist, finding inspiration for a new work in a poem written by Scott and, in turn, he would create a poem, inspired by a favorite oil painting of Margee’s. Several pieces were created in this way including Cecil, Remembering Albuquerque, and Red Rider Rifle, which began their lives as poems and were later used as inspiration for corresponding paintings. Scott chose The Blessing of the Fields and Mulberry Tree as jumping off points for his poems, Blessing of the Fields and Climbing Trees.  So that was the original plan, but then we decided to have even more fun. Our favorite way to work, we discovered, was through shared experience; a walk in the woods, a scheduled pleinaire painting time at dusk, visiting a retreat center, or simply remembering an event that touched us both.  The poems and matching paintings, We Walk/ Walking into Fall, and Poem for a Hunter/ The Naturalist’s Desk, Old Roses in a Vase/ Roses in a Jelly Jar, were created in this way, and, especially close to our hearts, the poem Bone Pond and painting, Walk at Candy Creek. Then to mix it up even further, Scott having been a painting student for several years, decided to include his own paintings to be paired with poems, Dirt Roads on and Arkansas Summer Night and This Stone. Along the way it also popped into our heads to create a little book to go along with the show, In Tandem.  It includes 16 painting/poetry pairs.  We enjoyed that process almost as much as creating the work that hangs on the walls and have plans to rework the book to include all the paintings and poems in the show and a his/her description of each piece. The process of putting this show together has been a lot of fun and at times, difficult. We have thrown out a poem and a painting or two along the way.  We have experimented, stepped out of our comfort zones, encouraged each other and offered honest criticism.  Most of all we relished the opportunity to create something together that we hope will be both beautiful and honest.”