Shelter: Under the Crescent Moon – Kathy McRuiz

McRuiz_01_300 PSI

February 5-27, 2016

Kathy McRuiz returned to her studio in 2015 after a hiatus to focus on building and programming a visual arts center.  When she began her artwork anew, she found the forms for dwellings and structures used in her earlier work, along with the crescent moon, remained at the heart of her thought process.

Individuals familiar with McRuiz’ sculptural paintings from the past will discover a fresh approach in her new work. Forms for dwellings and structures seen in her earlier work are still prominent, but the impetus has shifted.

Shelter: Under the Crescent Moon is about refuge. Each dwelling with an interior pallet symbolizes a place of calm – protection from an increasingly hostile physical environment, a retreat from external forces – and
ultimately, simply a place to rest.

Hand cutting and latching wood, and stitching and painting canvas, are slow and intimate processes that emerge from a very private place. Questions are raised about what may have happened, or what is yet to occur, inside each shelter. The artist invites you to enter these spaces in your mind’s eye and create your own personal story.


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