Illumination of the Spirit: Jo Sullivan


Illumination of the Spirit

by Jo Sullivan

Jul 1-23, 2016

Illumination of The Spirit is a series of multi-media works based on the art of both the Baroque and Renaissance periods.  Each piece has been reimagined to compare and contrast the societies of the past with the mores of our modern world. The work, which takes 4-8 weeks to complete, is on a substrate of archival quality metal.


Jo Sullivan is an award winning mobile/digital artist living in Tulsa. She’s been creating art since a young child, making her own pinhole camera at the age of nine and using her family’s only bathroom as her darkroom. With the advent of mobile art, Jo has found her niche, becoming well-known in the international mobile arts community with exhibitions in Paris, London, Florence, Seoul and the Louvre. She was recently awarded the top prize in the photography competition “Impossible Humans/Unexepected Happenings” in Conjunction with the Jackson Pollack Project.

Jo is also a photographer, writer and curator.