Up Close and Far Away




“Up Close and Far Away”

Rebecca Joskey, Dean Wyatt, Loyal Roach and Taylor Painter-Wolfe
November 4 – 26, 2016
Opening Reception November 4, 2016, 6 – 9 p.m.

This event is free and open to the public and is part of the Brady Arts District’s First Friday Art Crawl.

This exhibition features works by the resident artists of Tulsa’s Urban Art Lab Studios

In the Urban Art Lab Studios submission proposal, Rebecca Joskey describes the group’s aim to ‘explore minimal art forms and use of color in abstract pieces with an emphasis on rich depth of field, textures and multi-media.

Below are individual biographies of the four artists.

Loyal Roach
A native Tulsan, Loyal Roach renewed working as a painter at the close of his 45 year career as a trial lawyer. Roach paints under the name “J. Delaroche” and works in oil and acrylics. Many of his paintings are considered edgy and/or Avant-Garde. He credits Lichtenstein, Johns, Davis and Wyeth as having the most influence on his creations. In addition to his Juris Doctor and Master of Arts degrees, he holds a Bachelor of Fine
Art from the University of Oklahoma with minors in English Literature and Art.

Until recently, the paintings Loyal has produced have been products of pure whimsy and imagination. During the past year, he has turned to still lifes of unusual objects, focusing on contrast and depth. Currently his work is evolving into what one might call realistic expressionism.

Dean Wyatt
Dean Wyatt creates multi-layered abstract paintings that are rich in color and texture and inspired by the landscapes of his native southwest Oklahoma.  Of his work, Wyatt explains “I use landscapes as a backdrop to explore other themes.  Most of my recent works depict some type of transition, whether day to night or the moving away (or toward) something. The “holes” or voids that show up in many of my works may represent something missing, unfinished business, or something we try to block out or ignore. Hard lines and texture add to the landscape feel, but also create divisions to illustrate shifting perceptions and the hidden layers not easily observed.”

Wyatt’s work has been featured in solo exhibitions at the Oklahoma State Capitol and the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. His work was also selected for exhibition in two OVAC Painting and Drawing Biennial exhibitions.

He is active in the arts community, currently serving on the boards of the Tulsa Artists’ Coalition and the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and previously the Tulsa Ballet.
Rebecca Joskey
Rebecca Joskey is an emerging painter with 10 yrs working experience as a mosaic artist and 4 yrs as an almost daily painter. Abstract expressionism has been her focus with geometric images and bold color combinations. However, her figurative work is starting to develop and has been well received at recent showings. The mood is modern and the marks are quirky and feature stokes with palette “knives” of her own design from recyclables.

Her “paper mosaics” (at 108 Contemporary member show) are made from techniques from both painting and the craft of mosaic art. This collage style of art combines underpaintings on canvas with applied painted papers to create rich tapestry like abstract pieces.

Urban Art Lab Studios is a planned “encore career” project of Joskey’s that mixes her love for mentoring, business, art, design, and painting! This baby boomer is committed to an art practice as well as creating a low cost space for young artists/designers. Her work has been shown & sold at M A Doran Gallery, MOREcolor Gallery, Mayfest Gallery, TAC, 108 Contemporary, Living Arts, and Urban Art Lab Studios.

Taylor Painter-Wolfe
Taylor Painter-Wolfe was born in 1981 in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she attended Booker T. Washington High School. In 1999 she began college at the Kansas City Art Institute and majored in fiber art. In the fiber department, she learned how to use a variety of materials and surface design techniques. Knitted and felted wool quickly became her favorite materials to create and work with and she used them to make wearable items, costumes, and wall hangings.

“My work is made of hand-made, hand-dyed felt. I make all of my own materials because the unpredictability involved in the process always yields unique results. Oftentimes holes, irregular edges, and unexpected variations in color and texture occur. I use the material and these imperfections to inspire me and guide my decision making process about the art I create with it. Layering is a theme and practice that is present throughout my creative process. What begins as raw, white wool becomes,
through the gradual process of layering wool, dye, felt, and stitching, a finished piece of art. I continuously add layer after layer to create a dynamic abstract landscape full of line, movement, color, and texture.”

The exhibit continues through November 26th.

Image: Rebecca Joskey’s “When You Brought Me Flowers” 48”x48” acrylic and paper collage on canvas.