“Beginnings from Forgotten Things” by Marie Walters


“Beginnings from Forgotten Things” by Marie Walters
January 6 – 28, 2017

Artist’s Statement:

My subjects are unused, discarded or forgotten things such as fallen leaves, discarded scarves and shoes, dried up toadstools, and worn out mechanisms. These have a beauty and purpose beyond their original design.

Most of these small gifts are found while walking to the studio where I enjoy mixing them together to make stories. I can imagine them giving shelter to small crickets and moths, becoming the makings of next spring’s nests, or becoming a new home for a wren.  Detail is required to represent the intricate delicacy of the weeds, silky seeds and tangled stems.  This detail is achieved by using watercolor and oil painting to explore these items.


Nature and its changing rhythms have always influenced my life and art.  I learned to appreciate the life’s seasons in my parent’s garden and continued learning about nature’s changes at Oklahoma State University where I received a degree in geology and later in environmental engineering.  While learning to paint on porcelain, I learned about the beauty of the structure and detail of flowers and leaves.  This led to explorations in other mediums of items that have quiet value such a dead leaves, dried-up toadstools, insects, and discarded items.  I would like to acquaint the world with these subtle but timeless beauties.