“Gods and Fools” by Micheal Jones,

Micheal Jones

“Endymion,” acrylic on canvas, by Micheal Jones


The Tulsa Artists’ Coalition is pleased to present “Gods and Fools by Micheal Jones,” March 3 through March 25, 2017. The public will have the opportunity to meet the artist at the opening reception on Friday March 3, 2017 from 6pm to 9pm. This exhibit runs through Saturday, March 25.  The TAC Gallery is located at 9 East M. B. Brady, Tulsa. This event is free and open to the public and part of the M. B. Brady Arts District’s First Friday Art Crawl.
Micheal Jones describes both the inspiration and subject matter for his latest artistic offering thus: “After spending a month in Italy last year studying the great nude paintings of  mythological figures rendered in the style of the age in which they were painted,  I wondered, ‘How could I portray those ancient personalities now, in a contemporary setting?’
Upon my return to the United States, I set about creating the Gods and Fools collection, using young models in a contemporary setting, putting a modern twist on the old subjects.   I depicted the models as they are, with tattoos, scars, etc. with contemporary props and settings.
Some of my subjects include a modern day Bacchus with a beer, and Hades in a swing with a cigarette and a glaring rude gesture.  Endymion lies in eternal sleep covered by the ‘wedding ring’ quilt made by his grandmother. Flora rests on a nice bed with an embroidered coverlet while Pandora contorts with curiosity as she opens the famed box of ills.
While they are no more ‘nude’ than the figures Caravaggio’s masterpieces, in modern times, they evoke a slightly erotic feeling.  Perhaps they did in his time as well.
I have painted all these works in acrylic on canvas, using a technique I like to call ‘contemporary realism,’ with all the freshness and spontaneity of my modern technique.”
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Micheal W. Jones’ Biography
Since the age of 12, Micheal Jones has been an artist.  He has studied, practiced, painted created relentlessly since the moment he decided to follow that life.
To quote an old high-school classmate, “I always remember that you were the guy who spent all your extra time in the library studying the Renaissance, while the rest of us were doing regular things.”  That sums Micheal’s life up in a nutshell.
By the age of 16, Micheal had sold his first work in regional museums and galleries, and within a few years, was hanging one man shows in every available venue, from banks, museums, and community buildings, while building an ever-growing base of patrons throughout Oklahoma.
Micheal quickly earned his Master’s Degree, and later studied with notable figures of contemporary watercolor, such as Robert E. Wood. He has exhibited in well-known juried national shows from Los Angeles to New York, and has a set of his mezzotints in the State Museum of Yekaterinberg, Russia.
Throughout his life, Micheal has worked at a steady pace, teaching, creating, and exhibiting his unique style of painting, with no sign of slowing down. Even as he serves as an adjunct professor of studio art at RSU, he continues to produce his best work in his studio in Broken Arrow,
Oklahoma, where he lives with his wife of 42 years.