127-10 Brian Dehart


The Tulsa Artists’ Coalition is pleased to present “127-10” by Brian Dehart.

The public will have the opportunity to meet artist at the opening reception on Friday September 1, 2017 from 6pm to 9pm. This exhibit remains up through Saturday, September 23.

This event is free and open to the public and is part of the Brady Arts District’s First Friday Art Crawl.

In Brian Dehart’s Artist Statement, he describes his creative process:

“These grayscale drawings combine portrait-type figures with abstract forms. The drawings were created with digital and physical tools. The figures were drawn from my imagination or photographs. They were manipulated using photo editing software. Drips, splatters and other extemporaneous marks were often added to a drawing with an inkjet printer. Additions were also made with charcoal, graphite and drawing ink; subtractions—which were often extensive—were made with sandpaper and erasers. Many drawings are photographed, digitally manipulated, reprinted and reworked again. These drawings contrast my interest in the materialistic nature of artworks—especially in the physicality of the materials and processes used to create them—with my interest in certain immaterial aspects including representation, illusion and pictorial space. The work reflects my fondness and unease with objective figuration and nonobjective abstraction.”

Brian Dehart received an MFA from Cornell University and a BFA from Oklahoma State University. He has exhibited nationally and internationally in cities including New York and Shanghai. His work was featured in New American Paintings. He lives in Tulsa.

Image: “Head (RM with Laurels, Lighten)”  charcoal, ink, inkjet on paper by Brian Dehart